Patient Examination and Education

‚ÄčIn many respects your first visit to our clinic is the most important one.  Upon your initial visit we will take a detailed medical history.   A clinical examination guided by evidence based practice will help us differentiate the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal impairment and dysfunction.  At the conclusion of the examination, we feel it is imperative to thoroughly educate the patient.  It is our goal that each patient will have a clear understanding of their clinical findings and understand their options to manage their care.  These options range from evidence based manual therapy (soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization /manipulation) and treatment based in exercise physiology to referral to other appropriate disciplines.


Exercise Physiology and Manual Therapy

There are a wide variety of manual therapy and exercise physiology institutes that provided excellent treatment techniques that are based in evidence.  Although many of these institutes provide invaluable continuing education, we pride ourselves on integration of the different schools of practice in order to provide a well rounded treatment approach.  Many manual therapy and exercise physiology certifications are excellent sources of continuing education,  however,  certifications are often over utilized for marketing purposes.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to high level continuing education keeping in mind an integrative approach to evaluation and treatment.


Physical Therapy Modalities

There are instances that are supported by evidence for the use of therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation for quadriceps activation after knee injury or surgery.  Unfortunately, many modalities that have been popular in the past and continue to be utilized within the profession are supported by very little clinical research with outcomes that are anecdotal at best.  For this reason, traditional physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound are not the primary focus of treatment in our practice.  We have these modalities within our clinic for patients who choose them after they have been educated on the relevant clinical evidence.  Our preference is to provide treatment to our patients that provide the best chance for positive outcomes.  


An Interdisciplinary approach

Often a multidisciplinary approach is in the best interest of the patient.  We believe in collaboration with health care providers and professional clinics within the community in order to maximize patient outcomes and care.